You Can’t Make Me!!

I am a grown woman yet my mom still feels the need to lecture me on my shoes. I get it already wearing heels and flip flops are bad for my feet. You know what else is bad? “Performance pumps” Let me tell you as long as I live performance pumps will never be in my wardrobe. My husband loves the way I look in my stilettos, but I bet if I switched it up to  the other “better” option he would wonder what was wrong with me. They are definitely not Vero Beach Wildlife Control flattering in any way! Then there is also my obsession with flip flops. Also a “bad’ choice. Well I live in Florida and when it’s 1000 degrees outside I am not going to be wearing sneakers with proper arch support. I have a flip flop option for every out fit. The only down side I have with them is the maintenance of my pedicure!


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