Women are annoying

Last week I had to get gas, the Pilot off of 520 was super cheap so I jumped off 95 and pulled in. I know this store quite well so I anticipated it being busy and crowded, nature of the beast and Im in no real rush, so its whatever. ¬†As expected the gas pumps are all full, no worries…I pull in behind this red Mustang convertible but clearly the V6, yes Im a Mustang snob. Im sitting there patiently waiting, shes not pumping gas so for the first 2 minutes I assumed she was inside paying or getting stuff. Then I realized she was sitting in her car…on the phone. Now Im a little annoyed, like come on lady get your gas and move and then use your phone. But it could have been an emergency or something, so I continue to wait. Now theres no way for me to switch pumps or get around her so essentially, Im stuck…waiting. 5 more minutes go by and now Im super annoyed and debating on getting out and tapping on her window and not so nicely asking her to move, but I digress Rat Removal Boca Raton FL.

Finally she gets out of her car, and clearly she can see my facial expression and Im super frustrated, she smirks at me…I contain myself and do not get out and choke her. She then goes into the store!! SERIOUSLY?!?!?! Now you’re going in?! OMG!!!! 3 more minutes later, shes finally pumping her gas. She glances at me and smirks again, so instead of losing my mind I smile at her and give a little wave and smirk…ha, I win!

I was so angry, like seriously lady…get yourself together!

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