Ways to Make Your House Look More Expensive

Living Room, House, Interior, DesignFlip through any magazine today, be it home or fashion related, and you’ll be bathed in page after page of glamorous, luxurious environments. It’s no secret either that those rooms don’t come cheap, www.CenturianWildlife.com.
Many years back, as a young designer, a potential customer came to a first meeting with my then boss, a seasoned, refined designer who’d been practicing for about 25 years. She opened a magazine and introduced a double page spread of a room my boss had designed about 10 years earlier. She proudly announced that this room represented everything she wanted in her house and she wanted to hire him on the spot. Smiling, my boss asked her if she had any idea how much the living space, represented so beautifully in that double page spread, cost? She said no but immediately brought the meeting to a close when my boss jotted down the figure and shared it with her on the back of his business card.
Smart shopping, a keen eye and a willingness to roll-up your sleeves can go far these days in generating expensive looking interiors without having to fork over large amounts of cash.
Here’s a list of 4 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look More Expensive:
1. Large scale art adds a little bit of theater to any room. Single large graphics, diptychs and triptychs all deliver big effect where-ever they’re hung. High-resolution images can be printed at very large scale then cut appropriately and framed in pre-fabricated frames bought at Ikea. Your costs are very low and your decorating effect monumental.
2. Who wouldn’t love to wrap an entire room in expensive wall covering for that over-the-top-look? When budget won’t allow for the whole room, select one wall or one segment (the back of a market, or other architectural detail) and create a splash with the paper there. To expend the high-style look match the paint on the surrounding walls to that of this paper. You’ll be pleased how far the drama will go. Every room must have a focal point. Fireplaces are gold for just this reason. They concentrate everything in the room. If you don’t have a fireplace you need to create focus or direct attention to something else focus worthy (such as a view). A fantastic trick for creating immediate focus is a bigger than life mirror, either hung or casually leaned against a wall. Hit up your favorite local retailers for colossal framed mirrors and invest knowing you are going to get lots of bang for your decorating buck.
4. One High-Style Piece. If your budget keeps you from filling your room with high-style, designer pieces then snag one mind-blowing piece and spin the rest of the room . A dramatic cupboard, an odd antique chair or a super-chic cocktail table may add all the punch needed even if the rest of the room does not carry the same decorating wattage. When this is true it is good to dress out the space in similar, neutral colors (tans, taupe and cream are wonderful for this) to heighten the impact of your designer piece. And never pay full retail for that high-style piece. Check out eBay, CraigsList and floor sample sales in your favorite expensive stores. You will be amazed at what you can find!

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