Water tastes disgusting

Be healthy they say…drink water! Well, water tastes disgusting. I know, I know…you’re thinking but water has no taste. You are wrong my friend! I hate drinking water, if its the only thing in my fridge to drink, guess Im going to be thirsty. My sister who is a nurse is constantly on me to drink more water, she even brings me bottles of it to take ibuprofen and watches me drink the whole thing. If my head hurts, she says..drink water…if my tummy hurts…drink water…if my foot hurts, its because Im not drinking enough water. SMH! Now they have all these fancy water containers so you can make your own fruit water, uhh…okay? Whats worse….that fancy bubbly water that tastes like bitter foot bath water…oh geez, so nasty!

I see these women drinking water with cucumbers in it…not at home or the gym, like at Chilis or Applebees…dude, you’re eating complete garbage but drinking that? Get a grip lady, you look like a complete jerkface Animal Removal Melbourne.

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