Uppity Moms – UGH!!

The other day I went to target with my 8 year old boy and 10 year old daughter. I thought I was past the days of the whining and fighting, but I guess not. Throughout the whole store my son was whining because he wanted everything he saw, my daughter was giving my sass, and they couldn’t even look at each other without fighting. We were standing at the check out and heaven forbid my son tried to talk to my daughter. She in an instant grabbed his shirt and was making a fist ( which she seriously has never done). So i grabbed her arm to stop her. I look behind me and there she is a mom with a sleeping newborn giving me a dirty look cause I grabbed my daughter. I’m sorry but don’t look at me like that when you have yet to walk in my shoes. I hope I get behind her in line in 5 years when the same thing is happening to her. Ladies, how about instead of passing such quick judgement Animal Removal Tampa Fl we support each other! Give that mom reassurance that this too shall pass.


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