Today’s Trends

I cannot be the only woman who wants to be up on the latest trends. At the beginning of every season I look into the upcoming trends. I for some reason think that I will find a trend I can be on board with and be that cool mom. I go picture by picture looking at what the latest designers, hair stylist, and make up artist are doing. I can’t believe some of the things I see. How do these people think these things are even remotely on fleek ( yes, I just used that word). Why would I want my hair to look like Squirrel Poop I dumped a bottle of glue on it and flattened it to my head? Why would I want my makeup to look like my 8 year old boy did it? Or my clothes to be see through? Maybe I am turning into a 35 year old mom, but I am going down with a fight!


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