Reasons why you suck…

If you purposely cross the street to avoid homeless people solely based on the fact that they aren’t the cleanest people, you suck.

If you wont date a man that doesn’t make 150k a year plus, you suck.

If you spend 2 hours getting ready to leave the house, even if its to go grocery shopping you suck.

If you refuse to buy something on sale, you suck.

If you work for Raccoon Removal Orlando, You Rock!

I you only fly first class and refuse to take  downgrade due to over booking, you suck.

If you constantly brag about your shoes costing more than someones phone, you sucks.

If your shoes, purse and belt cost more than a car, you suck.

If you have a husband and a boyfriend and they both pay all of your bills, you suck.

If you keep your kids from playing outside because you don’t want them to traipse dirt into your house, you suck.


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