Needing Supplies


Ok I know we have to contact you for home depot. For all our insulation and pretty much anything to help us in that aspect; can we please set up an account at IDI, they can help me remove possum poop and contaminates from attics. They have everything we need. They are willing to give us discounts on the actual borate treated insulation. I am selling this insulation to our customers. I will make my price point higher but IDI is the company we need to go with please. Also can we get the landfill set up. The trailer is almost full. Pretty please. Flores tires and services will be the new go to for the trucks only. Other than this and ordering traps from tractor, we should not have to order from anywhere else. Thank you so much. Also if I could get an update on the amazon order, uniforms and I think that’s it. I love you guys. Trying to make it easier on you and this area. Eliminating anymore calls or issues.


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