My favorite place

No automatic alt text available.This is my favorite place.  A single bench over looking the harbor in the very small and quiet town i grew up in. I spent many nights here by myself, walking about 10 minutes to get here to escape the craziness that was my childhood home. Something about the noise of the ocean and the boats bobbing calms me.  It’s one of the best parks in town, it has a dock set up in the summer  and I would spend hours jumping off it with my friends. It hosts the fourth of July concerts and is arguably the best spot to watch the fireworks from. I have so many good memories here. I don’t live in town anymore, luckily I still live near the ocean and I can sit on the beach and get a sense of peace. I try to visit once a year and when I am there I always make an effort to come to the park. I’ve brought my kids here to play. My sister and I have taken midnight drunken walks here to sit and talk. It still calms me and forever will hold a special place in my heart.

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