It’s wine o’clock

When I was younger I was very picky about my alcohol. I would only drink fruity drinks which usually only had rum in them. As I grew my taste has changed, but this may also have to do with the fact that wine is cheap and one bottle does the trick. I still am mostly a fan of fruity white wines. I find red wines to be dry and taste awful. I also can still not find a beer that I don’t want to throw up after taking a sip. Beers are skunky and taste like Rat Poop and I really can not get behind them, although if I am already a few drinks in I’ll drink pretty much anything.

However, nothing beats a nice glass ( or 3) of chilled wine after a long hard day of work.

PSA: The glass below is not a properly filled glass of wine. I am hoping that whomever took it drank the majority. If they only poured this amount, then they are failing at drinking wine and therefore can not be my friend.

Clear Wine Glass

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