Have you ever met a woman?



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You know what’s really annoying? Commercials. I’m not talking about all commercials, although they are all pretty annoying at this point. I’m talking about those commercials geared towards women. Feminine hygiene, razors and the like. All these commercials show women frolicking through fields or grouped together in a pool doing synchronized swimming.  I’m pretty sure theses were all written and directed by men. Have you ever met a woman who’s happy she has her period or who’s legs have no hair but she still shaves? That’s Skunk Poop! I seriously wonder if they have a focus group compiled of single, 40 year old virgin men who sit around and think of what they want to see women doing. You know what sounds great Bob? A gorgeous woman sitting in a field of white daisy’s while Satan’s waterfall is raging inside her. We don’t want her to actually look like she’s menstruating, that’s yucky.  OK Charles, we need to sell this razor, let’s show a lady in the shower with no body hair shaving legs! You know, because hairy legs are unattractive so we definitely don’t want to show that on national television.


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You want real woman to buy your products? Show me a woman in her sweatpants stuffing her face full of chocolate and chips! Put a man with hairy legs in the shower using a ladies razor so we can watch it actually work!


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