Eat a cheeseburger!

Woman Wearing Bikini Barefoot Standing on Sea Under Blue SkyFree stock photo of fashion, bikini, woman, model

Umm, hello? Have you ever heard of red meat? McDonald’s? Burger King? Are you living under a rock? I can see your freaking intestines in these pictures! I do not know who decided that skin and bones is sexy, because it’s not it looks like Possum Poop! These girls look like they are about to fall over from malnutrition. The girl in the red bikini, her arm is the same width as my 18 month old nephew. YOU HAVE BABY ARMS! I’m all for ┬ábeing healthy and wanting a nice figure but seriously, these girls may fall through a crack in the floor or be carried away by a strong wind.

Someone, anyone, please buy these girls some cheeseburgers!

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